What Type Of Reader Are You?

There are lots of readers and everybody is different. We all read differently and for different reasons. Some people can just read through the pages, while others pay attention to every word and analyze them wisely. Some read books in order to be educated and smart, while others do it for the sake of pleasure. What type of reader are you?
The Book Juggler
A book juggler simply cannot read one book at a time. It both fascinates and annoys me. Ask the reader what book he is reading and he’ll name off at least four books that he/she’s reading altogether.
The “Physical Books” Reader
A lot of people prefer physical books to audio books and e-books, but there are people who live and die by printed and bound books, refusing to even call a book in any other form by the word book.
Non-Fiction Lovers
Speaking of the non-fiction books, these readers are those who prefer real facts and stories. These are readers who love biographies and historical pieces.
The Emotional Reader
Most readers experience stirring of emotions when they read, however, some of them actually feel all the feels. They get off-balance when characters fall in love, and it is not beneath them to fall into a funk when their favorite character dies. They are the emotional readers.
The Re-Readers
When they love a book, they’ll re-read it any chance they get. They tend to re-read their favorite books to the point where they can memorize the dialogue and plot down to the most minute detail.
Fiction lovers
There is something about getting lost in somebody else’s story, for better or worse, if only for a few hours or days that you love. I appreciate non-fiction and read quite a bit of it, though, my imagination runs wild when it comes to fiction.
Literary Snobs
Every person knows at least someone like this. They only have interest in “sophisticated” literature. Don’t try to bring them a copy of a romance, YA, or chick lit novel if you value your life.
Adult YA Addicts
Haters will hate, but adults who like Young Adult books are going to read YA books regardless what people think. They don't care if Young Adult is not for them. They enjoy reading it, and that is all that matters to them.
Series Fanatics
Series fanatics may be the closest thing to binge readers. They love to stick with a specific family or group of friends and follow them for several books. On the other hand, one thing these readers don’t like is having to wait months or years for the next installment to be released.
The Movie Adaptation Lover
Most readers say that books are always better than their adaptations, but then there are some readers who like to see the movie before reading the book. Whether they love to picture the actors when they are reading or just prefer to watch surprises unfold over reading about them, the movie watchers do make their reading lists based on movie releases, not the other way round like other readers do.


  • Wow I thought I was the only one who loves to read YA books. haha I lovw to hear this. Im aldo a fiction and emotional reader

  • Nearly all my reader friends are book jugglers. I can’t read one book at a time either. I have to have several books around. It gives me time to enjoy a variety of genres and keep me reading if I get tired of one book. I’ve had half-read books lying around for years, only to pick them up one day and finish them. Is anyone else like that?

    Michael Rickard
  • I’ve got this friend, Stacy, she’s a book juggler and until now I don’t understand how she does it. Personally, I try to be unique when I read though I can’t get rid of the “re-reading” part of me. If a book is interesting, I don’t mind reading it over ten times.

  • A book juggler annoys me too, like how in the world are they even managing reading all four books at the same time? Who knows they probably mixed up the plot somehow! But what works for them, works for them I guess? Anyhow, if I did have to categorize myself in one of these I think I’d be a healthy mix of Non-Fiction Lovers and Emotional Readers, I just like having that healthy dose of reality with a side dish of being connected to what I’m reading, ya know? I did have fun reading this post for sure! I’d love to read more what kind or what type are you kind of posts again!

    Cheska J
  • Wow, definitely surprised to read there are readers that like to see the movie first. I’m not meaning it condescendingly, but I prefer picturing the characters as I feel they are developed to me my the author. Then again, I’ve been told I am imaginative, so that helps. It just ruins it to see a movie that is based on a novel I read that has, at least what I find, a horrible casting problem. Interesting read!


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