How to Travel Abroad on a Budget

It might seem like travelling abroad is solely available to those who have money to spend, but there are plenty of ways to venture abroad on a budget without compromising on the satisfaction factor. By investing in some research, planning and creative thinking, there are a multitude of tips to save cash and experience a trip that you will remember forever.


Let’s look at how you can travel abroad on a budget.


Book Flights in Advance and Check Comparison Sites


It’s wise to book as far in advance as you possibly can as the later you book, the more expensive the airfare prices. Ideally, between three to nine months ahead of time is good to aim for.


Also do your research on comparison websites. These will offer different deals and prices on flights that typically aren’t available by going directly to the airline.


Be Flexible on Travel Date and Time


Travelling between a Tuesday and Thursday and overnight is generally cheaper and you can also save money by avoiding taking a direct flight if you’re heading long-distance. Flights where you have to change will take longer and might seem more hassle, but it can save you a good amount of money that you can allocate elsewhere!


Pack Light


Be extra vigilant with your packing to avoiding paying extra baggage costs.


Be Creative when Considering Accommodation


There are many ways to save money on accommodation. These can include checking comparison sites for package deals, which also have the advantage of managing your flights, transfers and accommodation in one booking.


For frequent travellers, utilising any forgotten hotel reward points can sometimes score you a free night here and there.


Hostels tend to get a bad reputation and you need to do your research! However, there are many hostels that are substantially cheaper than hotels and Airbnbs and offer a variety of room types (depending on your budget), decent facilities and are conveniently located. Hostels can be a great option if you’re simply looking for a base to rest and freshen up.


Some other ideas include considering home exchanges and house or pet-sitting, which is where you stay in a stranger’s home in return for taking care of their house or a pet. There are sites you can sign up for to find these and it can be a fantastic way to avoid spending on accommodation entirely!


Avoid Tourist Traps and Arranged Tours


When it comes to accommodation and eating out, try to avoid the big cities and tourist traps and instead, opt for those lesser-known destinations. You can often find some real hidden gems for a fraction of the cost and get a far richer, authentic experience of the place you’re travelling to!


  • Great tips! I love how this article provides practical advice for traveling on a budget. It’s always good to find ways to save money while exploring new destinations.

  • I’m really impressed with your travel blog. Which inspire me a lot to travel in future. The tips that you given in this blog is super useful in how to make a planned and budget trip.

  • I love all these ideas to travel on a budget. I found the best advice to be flexible. Being flexible on dates, times, and accommodation can help save a lot of money when traveling.

    Jon McMasters
  • Hi, all great ideas! I always use Ibotta or Swagbucks to order online and earn cash back. I will use your good advice next time and shop around. Planning well advance is a great idea!

  • Incredible article and well written ideas on how to avoid travel costs that will hinder my ability to travel abroad. For me i think the idea of booking flights early is a life saving one, comparing different sites for cheaper booking flights is great as well. The most important this is to plan everything well before the journey starts.

    Kiula Joel Shagile

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