How to Start Your Journey to Minimalism

Leading a minimalist lifestyle saves you time and money. It reduces your stress levels as well. Read more to know how to become a minimalist.



Leading a minimalist lifestyle is nothing new.


The concept has been around since the 1950s, with art pieces at its core. It then expanded to lifestyle choices. However, minimalism was not for everyone. Just like any other trend, its popularity plummeted.  


The movement had a resurgence in 2019 when Marie Kondo’s popular netflix show aired. Minimalism has been rising for the past two years, with more celebrities adopting it.


I am proud to say that I am a minimalist. I started it three years ago because I wanted to declutter.


In this article, I’ll explain the benefits of minimalism and how you can begin making changes to your lifestyle.


Benefits of Minimalist Living


You save a lot of time.


One of the main benefits of minimalism is saving time. Less clutter means less cleaning time. When I switched to a minimalist lifestyle, I found I had more time,


You save a lot of money.


Time is not the only thing I saved. I spent less money as well. When I bought less stuff and became more critical of my purchases, my bank account grew.


You experience less stress.


A clean, organized environment decreases your cortisol, aka the stress hormone. Freeing my place from clutter also freed my mind. As a result, I became less stressed and irritated in general.


How to Start Adopting a Minimalist Lifestyle


Here’s how you can become a minimalist:


1. Get rid of clutter in your home.


While this is an obvious step, many people find it extremely hard to do.


Make decluttering easy by listing down the things you don’t need. Then, give them away.


Keep the things you can live without for a few months. Then, motivate yourself until you can give them away.


2. Stick to quality, not quantity.


When you need new clothes, shoes, or furniture, invest in high-quality items that last for a long time. By doing this, you keep your shopping expenses to a minimum.


3. Reuse and recycle.


Another step you have to take is reusing and recycling.


Use eco bags instead of plastic ones. Recycle bottles and old clothes. Lastly, fix things instead of replacing them right away.


4. Make room for what’s important.


As Marie Kondo said, you just let go of things that do not spark joy in you. This is not limited to items though. You also have to let go of activities and relationships that don’t do you well.


5. Be grateful.


Each morning, list down or remind yourself of the things you’re grateful for. It can be your relationships, pets, or passion.


Gratitude helps you see the positive side of life. It also helps you stick to a minimalist lifestyle, as you are reminded of how content you are.




You will need some time to get used to minimalist living. However, take it from me, a minimalist lifestyle is worth your effort.


When I switched to minimalism, I became less stressed. I also saved a lot of money and time something I am truly grateful for until now.


In conclusion, I wish you the peace I found in a minimalist lifestyle. Start your journey by following the steps above, and I’m certain you’ll do well in no time. Happy minimalist living!


  • Minimalism is something i have heard about in the past but to be honest i have never really known where to start, so I am happy i found this article which gives practical steps to start this journey. I look forward to trying these tips in my own life. I am ready to become less stressed and to have more time and money.

  • Wow, minimalism sounds like such a great lifestyle choice. It’s really inspiring to see how it has benefited you and how it can help others save time, money, and stress. I’m definitely going to start taking steps to declutter my home and focus on quality over quantity. Thank you for sharing your experience and tips on how to start the journey towards minimalism.

  • The minimalist lifestyle is so freeing it’s really a life changer!

    Jasmine Hewitt
  • Love this post! I did a bit of a clear out when I was on maternity leave. Honestly, clearing some stuff out made me see spaces in a different way. And I’ve moved things around and it looks so much better. I’m definitely not minimalist yet but throwing stuff out and decluttering is so cathartic. I always hang onto stuff and now if I’ve not used it recently, it’s gone!


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