How to Organise Your Home Library


Sometimes we get so busy that we neglect to organize and arrange our collection of books. We find our books being in a cluster and in disarray making it difficult to track a particular book when we need them. This can cause a lot of stress. This is obvious to anybody who has ever encountered series of books. This is particularly evident to any authors who have a collection of books.
Organizing your library will help you to find specific books within the larger collection without having to expend significant effort especially when your friend wants to borrow one of your books, and as well you want to keep track of the books you borrowed out. Are you thinking about finally bringing order to the chaos of your book collection? Try these ways to organize your own home library!
The first tip is to select the right shelf or cabinet for your needs. It means that you need to purchase a shelf which is designed to give the best protection for your books. Just make sure that the option is great for you.
One of the simplest and most obvious ways to organize your library is alphabetically according to authors. This is suitable for authors that prefer precision and predictability.
There are a couple of ways you can organize your books by genre. If you’ve a lot of nonfiction in your library, you might want to use the Dewey Decimal System. This can be achieved by typing out the entire Dewey Decimal System and always keep the list in an accessible place. Furthermore, you can also divide your books into different categories that work for you.
Few authors closely track which imprints they tend to like. If you’re in this category, you might want to try sorting your books by publisher. This will make it easier for you to identify trends and decide which book you want to make reference to or read more in the future.


  • This post makes me reminisce! While growing, I kept my books in my shelf by their colors (keeping the same or similar colors at a place). Now, I often sort books and keep my books by their genres. Apparently, this is a helpful post and I’m definitely going to share it with my kids.

  • I do mine backwards. I never organize mt books by authors because im horrible at remembering names. I do it by book title. is that horrible.

  • Simple, but useful advice Elsa. My dream is to have a big room devoted to housing all my books. It wouldn’t surprise me if I have close to 1,000 books. I know I’m not alone. Sadly, a lot of my books are stored away. I just don’t have room for shelving them. If I did, I would organize using the Dewey Decimal System. It’s efficient and it adds the order I like in my life. How many books do you guys have? How many of them are on display?

    Michael Rickard
  • Too bad, I’m one of those who don’t arrange their books in their home library. Obviously, it’s always a hassle selecting books to read. Now, I’ve learned 4 quick ways to arrange my books, but I keep wondering if it would be great to arrange by colors.

    Kathy Chloe
  • I’ve taken a liking to arranging my books by author since the books I usually purchase are around the same author too, either because I like their way of writing or the content they write about is something I like reading on. As for the kinds of shelves I like, I actually fancy those artsy ones? The ones with some style but it wouldn’t be practical if you have tons of those, so maybe one fancy one and a couple of shelves with the usual classic look.

    Cheska J

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