Best Book Subscription Boxes

If you are an avid reader and pursue reading as an activity equivalent to breathing (which I firmly believe is what landed you here) you don’t like wasting your time researching what to read. Not when you can trade that time for some other  extracurricular activity. 

So without the inconsequential need to mention why you should read more books or why you should join a book club (because you’re smart enough), let’s cut to the chase.

Here are my top 6 book subscription boxes so you can do more of what you love.


1.   The Tea Time Bookshop 


If you’ve ever wondered what a perfect tea time looks like then let The Tea Time Bookshop help you bring that experience to your doorstep.

With a wide variety of genres including thrillers, fiction and romance, you also receive tea,  coffee, and biscuits to complement your reading time.

Multiple subscription packages starting from a month to a year help you set commitments to your liking.


2.   Rare Birds Book Club 


Rare Birds Book Club is more than just a monthly package of books in a box. It’s a chance to be part of something amazing.

The enchanting Rare Birds member portal offers private event listings and author interviews while allowing you to chat with other readers and share your thoughts.

Now how cool is that?

Rare Birds is all about making reading fun and enjoyable.



3.   The Traveling Reader 


Books can take you to magical places and The Traveling Reader book box subcan take you on a tour of Great Britain.

Each month you’re treated to a novel based on a different British region accompanied by gifts, snacks, and drinks from that particular region.

Maybe that’s how you travel in style, visiting places without actually visiting them.

However this traveling adventure might be a little extravagant as the prices are on the higher side starting at £34.99/month.


4.   Happily Ever After Book Box


Treat yourself, or a friend to a vegan book subscription box packed full of surprises and beautiful books. Happily Ever After Book Box  comes with a vegan chocolate treat, beauty product, bookmark and a choice of hot drink making it the perfect choice if you’re struggling for gift ideas.





5.   Owlcrate


Owlcrate is for people who love reading Young adult books. 

Each month you get your hands on enthralling young adult book titles from its ever-so-diverse library. 

But that’s not all.

What makes this book box so special are the accompanying bookish items. Every month they send you a highly anticipated new YA release, as well as 3-5 bookish items (such as fandom jewellery, collectible toys, bookmarks, and more!). Each box will also include exclusive content from authors and publishers too! They ship anywhere in the world, with different shipping costs for different areas.


6.   Book of the Month


If you like to take control of the books that you read then Book of the Month makes it easy for you to successfully swim your way through the month with a book of your choice. The monthly picks are all freshly released novels ranging from a variety of genres.



  • Wow, these are amazingly helpful book subscription boxes that serve both fiction and non-fiction readers. The added links are cherry on the cake! Kudos to the author for putting this togather.✨

  • Thank you for this fantastic list of book subscription boxes! 📚😊 I’ve been looking to expand my reading horizons, and these options all sound incredibly enticing. Whether it’s exploring new genres or receiving exclusive bookish goodies, there’s something here for every book lover. Time to start my literary adventure with one of these subscriptions!

  • This was so helpful. I’m a total book nerd, so all these boxes are awesome. Thanks for doing this, I’ve been thinking of getting a book subscription but didn’t know which one to choose because there are so many out there.

  • Kudos to the author for including a range of book subscription boxes that cater to both fiction and non-fiction readers. The article does a fantastic job of highlighting the benefits and features of each box, ensuring readers can find one that suits their literary taste and preferences.

  • I really love that you took the time to put this list together, it really save us the time to have to figure it out ourselves. The fact that it is pretty detailed along with the links ready and waiting for us is also appreciated.


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