7 Places to Write when you want to skip your Home Office

Working in your pajamas is one of the biggest perks of being a writer.

But for all those days when you hit writer’s block or are just bored of your home office space, try getting out of your house to find some much-needed inspiration outside your home.

Here’s a list of 7 amazing places you can consider for your next work destination.

As some of these places might not offer Wifi, so be prepared with a backup option in case things don’t go your way.



1. Local library

The aura of a library is the perfect place to stir up all your writing juices for the days when you need a change from your home/office space while being at peace.

With a good Wifi connection and endless resources at hand, a library is a great place for writers to focus and churn out a productive day.


2. Coffee shop

There’s a reason why coffee shops are the most beloved hangout spot of writers.

It gives you the right amount of change you need from your usual working space with some uplifting music, a range of delicious snacks, and obviously lots of coffee.

It is perfect for times when you’re looking to escape the absolute silence of your home while relishing occasional distractions around you.


3. Park

It is the best place to get closer to nature and bring some vibrant and breezy vibes to your writing process.

You can fully customize your setup with comfy blankets, cushions, coffee, and snacks to make your experience comfortable.

You don’t have to worry about getting tired from all that sitting as you can stretch or take a walk whenever you feel like it.


4. Beach

The soft sand, the blue waves, and a clear bright sky are all you need for a riveting writing experience.

If you’re someone who loves spending time on the beach then you should definitely consider taking your work to the beach as well.

The calm and serene atmosphere of the beach will surely make you come back for more.


5. Aquarium

Underwater life is one of the calmest and most serene places to relax your mind and we can only wish going underwater every day was that easy.

But an aquarium is the perfect place to fill in, for giving you that serene environment.

If you’re looking to skip the crowd, make sure to go in the afternoon.


6. Roof

If you’re lucky enough to have access to a roof then make good use of it and take your writing experience to new heights.

Get inspired by a new perspective of your city while enjoying and admiring its beauty. Please ensure that the roof is legally accessible and safe for you to work.


7. On a boat/ferry

You can comfortably go hit the waves on a boat and ferry and keep the Monday blues at bay.

As a majority of ferries and boats now offer Wifi, you don’t ever have to worry about getting disconnected from the world.

They also offer comfortable working space with tables and benches so that you can focus on the important parts.


  • I absolutely loved this article! As someone who often gets tired of working in the same home office day in and day out, these suggestions were a breath of fresh air. The variety of locations mentioned, from coffee shops to libraries, gave me a range of options to choose from. Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Inspiring article. It is always good to change the environment especially for writers because you can get new ideas and inpirations from place to place. I love the beach beach because i can be calm and the ocean waves makes my mind think clearly. Coffee shop is my go to place as well, especially when i have to write articles for my blogs. Thank you for sharing this wonderful insight.

    Kiula Joel Shagile
  • So glad you mentioned the local library as a source of inspiration and the perfect spot to occupy when you need a change of scenery. The library is also my go-to place when I need an escape and is often overlooked. As you mentioned, not only are libraries tucked away in your neighborhoods, but they also offer an abundance of resources that other places don’t provide. As I read through your list of places to write, I smiled when I saw you listed the roof as an option! I use to spend hours of my roof journaling and doodling in my youth; when the rain dries up and the sun makes its appearance, I’ll be sure to utilize that forgotten spot!

    Shanice Campos
  • Great article! I’m always looking for new places to work and this list is full of creative options. I’ll definitely have to try out the park or the beach for a change of scenery. Ty!!

  • Great article! I’m always looking for new places to work and this list is full of creative options. I’ll definitely have to try out the park or the beach for a change of scenery. Ty!!

    Paolo Lucchi

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